LP Farm Fresh Chicken-barns-and-outdoor pen

L.P.  Farm Fresh Chicken indoor barn and outdoor pen used from May till September.


Our Values 

We have been farmers for the last 500 years following the footsteps of our forefathers. When it comes to farming, we constantly strive to be good stewards of the land so it is there for years to come for the next generation.

Nutrition & Health

Nutrition: everything starts with good nutrition to grow a healthy animal or bird. That's why we grow our own grain to feed our livestock, so that we always know what we have. We feed our birds healthy grain so they develop healthy that in turn gives our customers healthy food. With added strict bio security regulations that keeps disease out, our chickens can grow well without medication, hormones or antibiotics. We don't use animal or soy products in our feed – only homegrown grain produced on our farm. Our birds are raised over a period of 7 to 9 weeks free run, and develop in outdoor pens from May to November. The chickens simply enjoy the great outdoors of Alberta, breathing only the fresh blue mountain air, in low populated countryside.
The end result is a juicy, tasty and nutritious chicken!


We at Lone Pine Colony take extra care with all our animals that we raise. We have joined The Animal Care Program and The Safer Food Program. We are recognized on both those National Programs. We want you to feel safe about what you serve and eat!

Read June 2015 press release on Certified Humane site about how L.P. Farm Fresh Chicken became Certified Humane.


The Animal Care Program

WIth thIs program L.P. Farm Fresh Chicken has to follow a set of guidelines that certifies animals are raised humanely. We keep record of water and feed consumption as well as temperature inside the barn for the auditor to check regularly.

Lone Pine Farm Fresh Chicken - Safety licence

Farm Food Safety Program

(Safe, safer, safest) Emphasizing health cleanliness and safety through every step of the way. L.P. Farm Fresh Chicken follows a set of strict guidelines such as keeping records and having control access zone with stop signs before any entry to barn.

LP farm Food regulations and handling certificate

Food Regulations & Handling

The Food Handling permit for the province of Alberta means that L.P.  Farm Fresh Chicken facility is inspected without prior notice.

LP Farm Alberta Chicken producer licence

Alberta Chicken Producers

L.P. Farm Fresh Chicken is registered to raise chicken for the province of Alberta.